An opportunity for a last minute, impromptu long weekend came up, so I took it.  Leaving my husband and children at home, I went out to this gorgeous party island with a couple of other hard working mums.  We stayed three nights at the Sol Beach House Hotel in Santa Eulalia, where we spent a lot of time relaxing by the pool.

We did, of course, party a little, too.  Having been warned by all, not to go to the notorious San Antonio strip, we couldn’t help ourselves.  Indulging our morbid curiosity, we spent one of our evenings bar hopping, and despite the obvious griminess, we actually had a good night.  We started our other night out in the famous, beautiful outdoor club, Ushuaïa.   The line up on the night included a celebrity DJ set by Groove Armada.  As you would expect it was very lively, but therefore busy, and also expensive, and as we were still feeling a little ‘delicate’ from the previous night, we decided to cross to the island and take in the sunset and chill out at Cafe del Mar.

There is also another side to Ibiza, and in our short time we tried to get a glimpse of it.  Of note, we had a very good meal at Relish, on the West of the island, took a short drive along the East coast, visited the quaint Ibiza Old Town, and took a final dip in the Mediterranean, before catching our flight home, refreshed and reenergised.

54°48’S, 68°18’W


54°48’S, 68°18’W
Ushuaia, Argentina

Ushuaia, Argentina

Day 1

Ushuaia city Learnt that in Argentina it is custom for men to greet each other with multiple kisses- it was difficult to maintain a non touch technique, so we joined in.

Day 2

Tierra del Fuego National Park hiking
Paseo de la Isla
Laguna Negra
Lapataia Mirador
End of Ruta 3 (Panamerican Highway)
Lapataia Bay
Paseo del Turbal
Castorera (beaver colony)
De la Baliza (beacon trail)

Day 3

Haberton Ranch
Isla Gable
Beagle Channel – Canoeing
Isla Martillo – Penguins

Day 4

Glaciar Martial hike

Isla Martillo, Ushuaia