54°48’S, 68°18’W


54°48’S, 68°18’W
Ushuaia, Argentina

Ushuaia, Argentina

Day 1

Ushuaia city Learnt that in Argentina it is custom for men to greet each other with multiple kisses- it was difficult to maintain a non touch technique, so we joined in.

Day 2

Tierra del Fuego National Park hiking
Paseo de la Isla
Laguna Negra
Lapataia Mirador
End of Ruta 3 (Panamerican Highway)
Lapataia Bay
Paseo del Turbal
Castorera (beaver colony)
De la Baliza (beacon trail)

Day 3

Haberton Ranch
Isla Gable
Beagle Channel – Canoeing
Isla Martillo – Penguins

Day 4

Glaciar Martial hike

Isla Martillo, Ushuaia

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