41°17’S, 174°46’E


41°17’S, 174°46’E
Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand

Got there late
Stayed at Base Hostel- Horrible!

This entry has been edited to include the following story 6 weeks retrospectively, as the experience left a lasting impression, that was not deemed worthy of documentation originally:

Stayed in the Base Hostel;
– a big error!

– a giant hostel, with very attractive pictures on the Internet, and a bit of a reputation (unfortunately for party).

– Upon arrival at 9pm, we were greeted by unenthused staff at reception (which was next to the entrance to the nightclub below), who made it clear that answering any questions required a huge amount of effort on their part.

– Our floor was overrun by screaming supercharged teenagers.

– We sought refuge in our room – a four bed dorm.

– Inside, the lights were off, there was a strong smell of alcohol, stale cigarettes, and body odour, and a stirring in one of the bottom bunks (it was 9pm!)

– Our entrance woke up a naked young man with ginger hair, who made a few groans, then took his small filthy white (we think it was white), towel and walked out without a word.

– We later saw him walking up a dark residential looking alley. Despite driving up that road shortly afterwards, we saw no obvious tourist attractions, and never saw him again.

– The window in our room could not be opened for the safety of inebriated guests.

– We slept with the door open, and were happy to have to leave at 5am to catch our ferry to Picton.