19°2’S, 65°15’W


19°2’S, 65°15’W
Sucre, Bolivia

Sucre, Bolivia

Beautiful ´White´ City

Official capital of Bolivia

Some very unwelcome drama during trek to dinosaur tracks:

To see the tracks close up you have to walk along a dry river, and climb up the side of the valley which is quite steep.
When we got there, the local guide Eusebio offered to climb round another steep cliff face to take a group photo of us.
We declined to give our camera, because we thought he wouldnt know how to use an SLR, and might drop it.
Our new GAP guide Yannick however followed Eusebio round the cliff.
Yannick made half way, and just then the rocks gave way, and he literally fell off the side of the mountain!
It was quite scary and surreal. We couldnt see what was below him, and we were sure he was dead.
Thankfully for him, just below him, the valley narrowed and he probably only fell 10-15m, and some rocks broke his fall, but it could have been much worse.
James, Will and I (Hamel) made our way down to him, and ordered the rest of the group to go back the way we had come and wait on the road.
I did a quick ABCDE check and it looked like he had just broken his left wrist and right arm in a couple of places and possibly his nose, but otherwise generally ok- and ALIVE!
Eusebio sent for an ambulance, while we manoeuvred him down the slope and then he was carried out of the valley on a stretcher when the ambulance crew arrived.
He is now hospital, having had surgery on his arms and traction for a suspected hip fracture (not convinvced about that one!), recovering well.
Sadly he will not continue to lead our tour, but we are grateful he is alive.

New tour leader, Alejandro will take us to the Brazilian border, and then we will get our 4th guide.
Barbara left us in Sucre, we will have 7 new faces joining us from Santa Cruz…