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20°08′S, 67°29′W
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Overnight the President had conceded to give government workers a 20% pay rise, and as it was new years eve, the situation had settled down sufficiently for us to stick to plan A.
The President later did a complete u-turn, and the fuel prices were reduced all the way back down to their original rate- what a wimp!

After 10 hours of travelling by bus and train, we made it to Uyuni 1 hour before midnight, and saw the new year in at the Extreme Fun Pub in the town centre.

Next, 4×4 3 day tour of salt flats

We saw:
Day 1
Train cemetery
Salt hotel- no longer permitted to be used
Incahuasi Island
Overnight Posada Coral Puerto Chuvica

Day 2
Laguna de Flamencos
Laguna Colorada
Arbol de Piedra (Tree of Rock)
Overnight Lodge Laguna

Day 3
Geysers at 5000m alt
Salar de Chalviri- Thermal Hot Springs at sunrise
Laguna Blanca (due to arsenic) and Laguna Verde
Valle de las Rocas (Valley of the Rocks)
Mining Village San Cristobal