14°43′S, 75°08′W


14°43′S, 75°08′W
Nasca, Peru

Nasca, Peru

On the UK FCO website has a warning about flying over the Nasca Lines, but having closed down 4 out of the 7 operators and pushed their prices up, we were sufficiently reassured.

For us, seeing these mysterious Lines was one of the main reasons for coming to Peru, and so we took the flight, and are so glad that we did.

The question still remains, ‘Who put them there and why?’
Our theories:
… drawn by people of an ancient civilisation using advanced technology that is no longer known about.
The reason- probably a good one, but I haven’t figured it out yet. I like the idea about them being a depiction of a Shaman’s dream though.

… drawn by aliens to demonstrate their existence.

We then had Pachamanka for dinner.