00°00’00"Latitude, 78°27’W


00°00’00″Latitude, 78°27’W
Mitad Del Mundo, Ecuador

Mitad Del Mundo, Ecuador

Went to Mitad Del Mundo monument.
-the monument to the Equator, which is not really on the Equator. A French mistake!

Then went to Museo De Sitio Intiñan, 240m to the North, through which runs The Actual Equator Line.

Experienced the effects Korioli´s Centrifugal Forces at this unique latitude. Namely:
-Water drains straight down at the Equator, clockwise in the Southern hemishpere, and anticlockwise in the northern hemishpere.
– Apparently we are weaker on the Equator
– Apparently heal-toe walking is more difficult on the Equator
– We could not balance an egg on a nail, but if you ever need to, it´s easiest to do so on the Equator, apparently.