13°09´S, 72°32´W


13°09´S, 72°32´W
Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru

Inca Trail

Cusco- 17.12.10
– a really cool town
– former Inca capital

Ccaccaccollo Community -18.12.10
– local women spinning, dyeing and weaving llama and alpaca wool

View of the Sacred Valley

Ruins at Pisac -18.12.10
-Military centre

Market at Pisac Town

Ollantaytambo -18.12.10
– Administrative centre
– Ruins
– hotel built upon old Inca ruins

Inca Trail Day 1 -19.12.10
– Beautiful sunny day
– Trekked KM 82 to Wayllabamba (11km)
– Camp at Wayllabamba (3000m)

Inca Trail Day 2
– Tough day trekking
– Wayllabamba to Paqaymayo (12km)
– via Warminusca (Dead Woman Pass – 4215m)
– Camp at Paqaymayo (3600m)

Inca Trail Day 3
– Rain rain rain
– Trekked Paqaymayo to Winaywayna (16km)
– Camp at Winaywayna (2650m)

Inca Trail Day 4
– Early start- 03.30 rise
– Trek Winaywayna to Machu Pichu (5km)
– Rain and fog at The Sun Gate
– Sun appears as we arrive at Macchu Pichu (2400m); after seeing all the complex, taking our pictures and having a moment of peace, the rain slowly returned
– Amazing!

– The whole experience consolidated our belief that at any given moment, you always get exactly what you need, and nothing more.
– The fog, our long journey around the mountain, and our ultimate realisation of our goal-which for so long remained out of sight- made us think first of the concept of maya, and then of the ego, and how we may overcome these by adapting the way we think.

Return to Cusco -22.12.10 to 26.12.10
Met Jan the Man- (Vanisha’s sister, who is actually called Janisha!)
Ate at shocking Indian Restaurant Maikhanna- Navita, the owner, had the bedside manner of an Air India air hostess. Buffet food distinctly average. No a-la-carte option
Xmas Eve markets
4 hrs of Rummikub in Australian bar
Played ‘Kings’ and ‘Ring of Fire’ which led to a drunken dinner followed by spiritual discussion
Hamel hungover for Xmas dinner at Real McCoy

Ayuhuasca and Shamans have evaded us this time, and so we wil return one day.