Athens, Greece

This mini break was a ‘trip of firsts’. My first holiday abroad for over two years. My first trip alone with my sister-in-law. My first time in Athens; and my first international travel in my new avatar as an independent travel agent!

The opportunity came about as my sister-in-law asked me to accompany her for a formal engagement she had to attend. We flew out on Sunday, and returned on Tuesday, and stayed at the Electra Metropolis Hotel, which provided a lovely stop for lunch with a view of the Acropolis from its rooftop bar.

As we walked around the city, some of the little streets reminded us both, of the gulleys in India. We soon realised that everywhere has a view of the Acropolis when we went up to Sense rooftop bar at the AthensWas Hotel. This was confirmed the next day, when we went rooftop hopping to: Hyper Astro Bar, MS Roof Garden, 360 Degrees, Attic Urban and finally Misafir (a shisha bar). We ate gyros and pastries at an outdoor restaurant, Bairaktaris, and I would highly recommend trying the Peinirli at Ergon House.

With only a limited time for sightseeing, we prioritised the Acropolis, and made an early start to avoid the crowds. As the flagship attraction for Greece, we felt it was the one place we had to go and see, however with the amount of renovation it is currently undergoing, meant much of what we saw was sadly obstructed by scaffolding.

I had a bit of free time on the final day, and made the most of it by doing a little research for my planned trip back here in the Summer, with my family. I found out some very useful information about day trips and excursions to the nearby beaches and islands, and am really excited about bringing the kids, and sharing what I’ve learnt with clients.

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