39°54′N, 116°23′E


39°54′N, 116°23′E
Beijing, China

Beijing, China

First Impressions of China:

Everyone wants to take photos of us
More tourists than we have ever seen – of which 90% are Chinese!
Facebook banned, and Google searches heavly censored

Day 1:

– Walked around Hou Hai area

Day 2:

– Chairman Mao Mausoleum (completes a hat trick of dead Communists)
– Tian’anmen Square
– Temple of Heaven
– Jingshan Park
– Hou Hai bar area

Day 3:

– Summer Palace
– Olympic Village
– Acrobatic show at Tian Di Theatre; no photos allowed, but one of the most amazing things we have seen on this trip.

Day 4:

– 6km trek on the Great Wall of China
– Silk Market
– Peking Duck for dinner

Day 5:

– Forbidden City

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