47°55′N, 106°55′E


47°55′N, 106°55′E
Mongolia, Mongolia

Mongolia, Mongolia

Day 1:

– Post train shower in communal Ulaan Baatar hotel bath.
– Gandan Monastery – saw monks practicing Tibetan Buddhist ritual.
– 4 hour drive to Bayangobi region, for 2 night stay with local nomad family in traditional Ger.
– Introduced to Mongolian diet: fresh curd & mutton.

Day 2:

– Visit to Karakhorum

Day 3 & 4:

– 2 nights in Elstei tourist Ger camp
– Visit to Chingiiskhan monument
– Played games with goats’ ankle bones

Day 5:

– Day in Ulaan Baatar

Overall – 1 negative….too much meat. Positives……beautiful countryside, peaceful, and friendly people.

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