25°13′S, 153°08′E


25°13′S, 153°08′E
Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island, Australia

Day 1
Rainbow Beach
Carlo Sandblow
More rain, but with some sun this time = rainbow at Rainbow

Day 2
Fraser Island
Start of 3day;2night camping trip
Connection to starter motor in our 4×4 Suzuki Sierra cut out just before we were about to get onto the Mantaray Ferry, bringing our camping trip to a halt even before we left the mainland.

Once back on the road:
Drove along 75mile Eastern Beach
Lunch by Maheno Shipwreck
Paddled with catfish at Lake Wabby
Crossed paths with a dingo
Disastrous attempt to make camp at Cornwells Camp, Eastern Beach:
Failed to pitch tent
Gave up after it got dark and we had possibly broken the tent
Dug our holes for the ‘nighttime necessities’
Could not get stove alight, so had cold pasta (which we had luckily precooked) for dinner
Slept in car
Then decided to turn car around,
so we could at least face the sea, but as we had left the headlights on whilst breaking our tent, the battery was a little flat, and wouldn’t start
It did start again after a couple of hours, and so finally we slept with a sea view

Day 3
Rose with dawn
Morning bath in Lake McKenzie
Drove to Lakes Birrabeen and Boomanjin
Crossed paths with a few goannas (lizards)
Set up camp early at Wongel Camp, Eastern Beach
After being shown how to ignite our our stove- we had hot pasta with courgettes, peas and sweet corn
Dug our holes for the ‘nighttime necessities’
Did not attempt to pitch our tent
Excited by our new found ability to make fire- had a second dinner: cheesy beans and vegemite on toasted sesame buns!
Slept in car with a sea view!

Day 4
Early morning rise to beat the high tide
Back to Rainbow Beach with the fuel gage on ‘E’
Much needed shower, then caught the overnight bus to Airlie Beach via Hervey Bay

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