00°15’S, 78°35’W – The Beginning


00°15’S, 78°35’W – The Beginning
Quito, Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador

Day 1

24 hour nightmare journey
Iberia worse than Air India
Flight rescheduled, delayed and diverted
Abandoned by taxi driver
Finally checked in past midnight

Day 2

Regailed with scare stories of a spate of pickpocketings over breakfast
Riding the TeleferiQo upto 4200m
Lunch in Mariscal Sucre
Shoved and squashed on Ecovia electric bus
Stroll around Centro Historico
Intoxicated by hot chocolate at Tianguez, in catacombs of San Francisco Church

Day 3

More stories of theft and petty crime in the morning
El Panicello Hill
Upgraded to 4* Hotel Quito
Dinner in Mariscal Sucre with Nick and Farosch

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